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Brain Surgery on a Hamster…

OK, you may have heard me in the past talk about how complicated the world has gotten, even when it comes to our pets. If you haven’t, check out this video:

Well, last night at a Super Bowl party I heard a story that tops even that. A friend’s family hamster… ok, to be fair, it is a pygmy hamster… has had brain surgery. TWICE. Total cost of two brain surgeries for a pygmy hamster: $120. Total cost for a brand new (and possibly identical) pygmy hamster: $30.

A couple points:

I’m not saying the family shouldn’t have had brain surgery performed on the hamster (…um, twice). I’m saying that the world has gotten infinitely more complicated than it used to be, and with that come additional stresses.
That said, the cost of the two brain surgeries added up to four times the cost of a new hamster. If the hamster were a car, he’d be declared “totaled” and be towed to a hamster junk yard.
And finally – $120 for two brain surgeries??? Forget Obamacare. How do we institute Hamstercare?.