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Strategy for Sanity: Keep Learning! This video is a great example of how Chuck illustrates important lessons with humor. Learning is a key component of staying ahead of the crazy world we live in, but learning doesn’t have to be dry or boring, as you can see in this video!


Strategy for Sanity: Find the Joy! There are so many challenges in our modern world, and it can get frustrating for someone just trying to keep it all together. In his presentations, Chuck highlights strategies for sanity in this world gone nuts, and one important strategy is finding the joy in our daily challenges. In this video, Chuck illustrates the points with a hilarious personal story.


Strategy for Sanity: Find the Joy! (Part 2: The Zipper Crisis!) – Chuck shares another story illustrating the key strategy for sanity of “finding the joy!” – even when the situation is bleak (or, at least, embarrassing!)


Cable news, the Web, 24-hour news cycle… We all are being crushed by information overload, to the point that when an AFRICAN LION is spotted on the loose in our town, we don’t even blink! With this story, Chuck paints a funny but accurate picture of the pressures we all face in the modern world.


Chuck talks about “goody bags” – the gifts you give the GUESTS at your child’s birthday party – and asks: Whose idea was this??


Diversity: Chuck discusses the sometimes painful, often funny process of understanding the differences between us. It may be challenging, but the product, and the experience, is worth it.


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Chuck’s Books
Chuck has written two books, both of which inform his speaking. Get more information, including where to purchase copies, check out Chuck’s Books page.

Humor Columns
Chuck has contributed many humorous, insightful articles to a number of regional and national magazines, including the Chesterfield ObserverHome StyleWorkMagazineRichmond MagazineRichmond Bride and others.

Below are links to just a few of his past articles:


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