A little Headline Humor for you:

“A river bug in Europe may be the Earth’s loudest creature” – http://usat.ly/liuCTT. Bug takes over first place from that guy in the cube next to you.

“Global economy hits soft patch, should avoid double-dip” – http://yhoo.it/ifQHAz … says the same guys who didn’t see the Great Recession coming.

“Non-profit ‘Discover Life in America’ will name new species after you for donation” –http://usat.ly/jy6r0m – UPDATE – Too late: Trump buys rights to all names.

“Congressional sources: US secretly planning with Libyan rebels to capture Lockerbie bomber” – http://bit.ly/m0UWR4 – UPDATE – Lockerbie bomber to Congressional sources: Thanks for the heads up.

“Next gen video games let players control the story” – http://yhoo.it/mRamYv. God threatens to sue, claiming infringement on His concept of actually living life.

Have a great day!